Saturday, March 27, 2010

Episode 1: Swollen vehicles

length: 30 minutes, 52 seconds
talkers: Alex Wharton, Steven Abadin, Jake Cook

topics of discussion:
-"Goofy Man" by Alex Wharton
-The word of the day
-"In the Morning" by Steven Abadin
-Atlanta art scene
-Beer vs. music
-"Underground" bands
-Three local bands
-"Nature" by Alex Wharton
-Chik-Fil-A billboard
-Employee meals
-Lunch breaks
-Alex explains a famous short story

songs (in order of appearance):
"tiger filled balloons" by Archaeology
"No Room" by House Cat
"I'm on a thousand downers now I'm drowsy" by Trench Party
"The Week After that Kind of News" by Mary's Good Side
"Hot Rolls in the Microwave" by Jake Cook
"The Loosey Goosey" by House Cat